Redlands Orofacial Myology has helped me so much, and I didn’t even think I needed help because I was basically fine. I’m actually shocked how much it has helped me in so many areas of my life and how much it could help so many other people, too. Before going in for the first time, I thought: “Who in the world would need help breathing? We all know how to do that.” Wow, was I in for a surprise.

I had no idea how much I had been clenching my jaw all day long for so many years. A dentist had given me a mouthguard to wear at night, and now I don’t need it. Also, because I now understand ideal concepts of breathing, I can better manage stress,
I’m sleeping better, and, something I never thought was possible—my allergies have lessened.
Wish I had done this years ago.
— E.D.

After just the first couple of sessions with Emily, I noticed dramatic improvements in the quality of my sleep.
My sleep tracker — that typically registers constant,
loud snoring throughout the night — only recorded a few light, brief snores!
It still amazes me how the simple tools I learned
have made such a difference in my health and happiness in such a short time.
— G.D.

Emily is a very competent and patient therapist who will help her client achieve their goals at their pace.
— H.L.

Breathing retraining has been an absolute life changing experience.

Unless you have some sort of a medical diagnosis like sleep apnea, most people don’t even think twice about the way they are breathing, or whether or not they are giving their body the right amount of oxygen needed to function
at optimal levels.
Emily gave me the tools I need to balance myself and refocus on my well-being. By
focusing on my breathing and becoming more aware of it, I have been able to combat my anxiety and
the problems caused by it, such as not being able to sleep.

Since I began this journey, my anxiety has almost become a thing of the past.
I highly recommend Emily’s program to anyone, as it brings self-awareness about health to a whole new level.
— S.W.

[Client’s mother:] After the first attempt at the tongue-tie surgery failed, we were a little hesitant to try again but working with Emily this second time around made sure our second attempt was successful. My daughter was much more motivated to complete her tongue exercises and I was much more able to guide her in her exercises because I as well was able to participate during the therapy sessions. Emily’s kind words, patience and encouragement have made this experience a pleasant and rewarding one. My 14 year old daughter is now beginning to roll her “r’s” something she’s been trying to do since she was 4, and can now stick out her tongue. This has been an overall great experience and well worth the time and money.

[Client:] The first time I got the surgery and was told to exercise my tongue I didn’t feel very motivated because it hurt. This time it was different because I was working with Emily. She was very supportive and sweet about everything. She talked me through everything I needed to know. She was just, awesome:). I think the best thing about working with Emily was the humor, she would make me laugh all the time. She took away the worst of the pressure and kept the mood light and not so serious.
I would say it was actually kinda fun and I wouldn’t have changed anything.
— D. & J.S.

I recently had the privilege of experiencing breathing re-education therapy with Emily. Her approach is gentle; her mannerisms are calming. These qualities combined with critical yet often overlooked information and an abundance of illustrations I could relate to both during and after the therapy made the sessions both interesting and relevant. I am already enjoying positive changes in a number of aspects of my health including insomnia.

Emily makes it so easy I can confidently and highly recommend her services to everyone who breathes!
— J.P.

I enjoyed valuable time spent learning the advantageous breathing retraining with Emily. Breathing retraining helps me stay calm and relaxed, and guides me through chronic headaches. Through more practice I feel reassured that breathing training will be the answer for quality health. Emily is comprehensive and therefore very easy to understand the technique of breathing training.
— C.G.

I had really not given much thought to how vitally important right breathing is for our overall health until I attended Emily’s sessions.  I was happy just to have this awareness raised in her sessions but she provided us with so many reasons both common sense and scientific why we should concentrate on breathing properly.  I found my time was well spent and left with a strong motivation to improve my breathing.  In fact I have already noticed that it is making me much calmer as I apply the principles brought out in Emily’s sessions.  Thank you Emily.
— M.H.